About company


The company was founded in 2001 and for more than 10 years successfully engaged in the production and supply of PET preforms, closure caps and handles for 3 up to 6-liter containers for the food and chemical industries.

The main activity of our company is to supply products of our own production. The accumulated experience allows sales managers to plan properly the production and timely delivery of products to our partners. As well as the presence of our own quality control laboratoryand high level of engineer’s skills of the company, allow to provide a consistently high level of our products quality.

For the preforms production, hence the bottles,we use polyethylene terephthalate (PET) by special brands. This is polycondensation terephthalic acid product. PET features as very hard, along with good impact resistance, high dimensional accuracy of products, good melt flow. Made from PET bottles are transparent, like glass. The polymer is resistant to oils, fats, alcohol, ether, petrol, weak acids, and weak bases.

Since August 2004, the company provides customer with an additional service - drawing of one-, two-, and three-color logo on the cover with automatic tampoprinting system Rotoprint.

DV-Plast has large, modern equipped warehouses, allowing to have the necessary supply of products and quickly to preform to our customers in any season of the year.

For the convenience of customers we
opened consignment warehouse
in the Khabarovsk region.
Address: 20A, Sinelnikova Str., Khabarovsk,
tel / fax +7 (4212) 32-89-69, 43-92-99

Having business with DV-Plast is:
Guarantee of products quality. 
Stable supply in any season of the year.
Individual approach to each client. 
The system of cumulative discounts. 
Organization of delivery on the territory of Russian Far East and Siberia by railway, containers, trucks.