Assortment of preforms by LLC "PKF" DV-Plast "according to the type of neck portion, weight and compliance capacity.

This conformity of preforms mass of volume bottles optimally meets with the requirements of proper packaging, storage and transportation of the product.

Standard neck portion Volume
  0,33-0,5l 1,0-1,5l 1,5-2,5l 3,0-6,0l
BPF 24gm 37gm, 40gm, 44gm 44gm, 52gm  
PCO   40gm 52gm  
Bericup 38 mm 24gm 36gm    
Bericup Low       86gm, 90gm

Preforms are designed for the manufacture of plastic bottles, for packaging, transportation and storage of drinking water, mineral water, soft drinks, low alcohol and alcoholic beverages containing ethyl alcohol no more than 40%, carbonated soft drinks, juices, juices based nectars , juice drinks, including baby food, milk, milk and dairy products, beer, oil, vinegar 6% and 9%, sauces, ketchup, etc.


Single-component polymer screw cap are designed for capping of PET-bottles for liquid food products - drinking and mineral water (carbonated and non-carbonated), soft drinks, natural juices and nectars, beer, low alcohol and alcoholic beverages containing ethyl alcohol up to 20%, fermented milk and dairy products, vegetable oils.


Diameter of the cap Mass of the cap Height with ring, mm
28mm 2,5 15,85
28mm 2,9 - 3,0 19,8  ±  0,20
38 mm 3,10 ± 0,10 14,5 ±  0,30
48 mm 4,55 ± 0,10 17,2 ±  0,3

Plastic handles 

Polymer handles are designed for easy carrying of plastic bottles with a neck diameter 48 mm and a nominal capacity of 5 dm3

Parameters of handles  Value
External diameter, mm 56,5
Width of the handle, mm 9,0
Thicknessof the handle, mm 2,0 
 Weight, gr 7,35±0,15